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Apache 1.3 documentation
Access Control by URL
Apache 1.3 Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support
Apache Content Negotiation
Apache Keep-Alive Support
Apache Multiple Log Files
Apache extra features
Apache module mod_foobar
Apache suEXEC Support
Apache suEXEC Support
Apache's Handler Use
Compiling Apache under UnixWare
Compiling and Installing Apache
Custom error responses
How Directory, Location and Files sections work
Installing Apache on TPF
Issues Regarding DNS and Apache
New features with Apache 1.1
New features with Apache 1.2
New features with Apache 1.3
PATH_INFO Changes in the CGI Environment
Server Pool Management
Setting which addresses and ports Apache uses
Source Re-organisation
Special Purpose Environment Variables
Starting Apache
Stopping and Restarting Apache
The Apache EBCDIC Port
The Apache TPF Port
Upgrading to 1.3 from 1.2
Using Apache with Microsoft Windows
Using Apache with Novell NetWare 5

Apache module mod_foobar

Add this file as a link in mod/index.html

This module is contained in the mod_foobar.c file, and is/is not compiled in by default. It provides for the foobar feature. Any document with the mime type foo/bar will be processed by this module.

Add the magic mime type to the list in magic_types.html


General module documentation here.


Add these directives to the list in directives.html

ADirective directive

Syntax: ADirective some args
Default: ADirective default value
Context: context-list

context-list is where this directive can appear; allowed: server config, virtual host, directory, .htaccess
Override: override
required if the directive is allowed in .htaccess files; the AllowOverride option that allows the directive.
Status: status
Core if in core apache, Base if in one of the standard modules, Extension if in an extension module (not compiled in by default) or Experimental
Module: mod_foobar
Compatibility: compatibility notes
Describe any compatibility issues, such as "Only available in Apache 1.2 or later," or "The Apache syntax for this directive is not compatible with the NCSA directive of the same name."

The ADirective directive does something.

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